A 21st century feedback bot with a chatty twist for improved user engagement and customer brand alignment. Stay on top of your game with the app’s powerful analytics feature

We know how it is. You’d like to receive input from your customers but don’t want to lose their interest by putting out the same old survey questions in the same old tired format they see in every other business.

ChatLi was designed with the 21st century customer in mind. Chatbots are a great way of collecting feedback. They tap into our preference for casual two-way communication; people like putting a face to the person we are talking to. We like feeling as though some sort of rapport has been established and that we are being heard. This, in turn, can significantly increase customer response rates.

ChatLi’s clever design makes use of this; the app boasts highly customizable functions and offers multiple questions that can be personalized. You can even embed GIFs for some extra post-purchase pizzazz.

Increase customer engagement and loyalty

Draw in the 21st century customer by adding popular gifs and personalized conversations for a friendlier touch.

Chatbots are slowly gaining traction and are on their way to becoming a staple functionality in e-commerce. By optimizing ChatLi’s feedback collection features, you can personalize your customers’ user experience and boost engagement rates. To draw in the 21st century crowd, spice up the feedback collection process with popular gifs and personalized conversations for a friendlier touch. And since we’ve figured that everyone loves getting free stuff, we’ve added a giveaway feature!

Persionalized Experience

Create a human-like convo for a user-friendly experience. Tweak Chatli’s interface to reflect your brand.

ChatLI enables you to customize the text, tweak the design features, insert popular gifs, and add your own logo to perfectly blend in with Shopify.


The detailed conversation analysis tool helps you derive in-depth insights.

Keeping an eye on your metrics is key to staying at the top of the game. Chatli’s powerful analysis tool helps you understand things that are not visible at face value.The high-level overview shows you all sessions, how many of them have been completed, and the completion rate. You can see the average order value by answers.

ChatLi fits you to a T

Leverage your intelligence about customer-specific past purchases for a tailored chatbot-guided feedback collection experience.

Chatli enables you to assign tags, play around with goofy GIFs, set the status of customer conversations and keep an eye on the feedback collection progress . Chatli can recognize when a convo has already been viewed and completed, and based on that doesn’t ask for feedback again.

ChatLi has your back

ChatLi's fun convos boost customer engagement and build trust.